Coral Gables Florida

The City of Coral Gables 1 lies within Miami-Dade County, Florida situated in the southwest of Downtown Miami. Moreover, it is most popular for its tree-lined avenues, greenery covered mansions, and historical landmarks.

Coral Gables is known as “The City Beautiful” because of its planned architecture. Also, it combines colors and details with a touch of the Mediterranean style of building. This creates a beautiful harmony with nature and plant-life. This sets the city apart from its neighbors in the state of Florida.

From the start, Coral Gables Florida was an international city. The founder George Merrick foresaw that this city would be a gateway to Latin America. As a result of today, the city is the home of over 20 international consulates and foreign offices. In addition to that, the city has established ties to six international cities as well.

Coral Gables is a hub of business and employment as the working population equals the total residents of the city. It is also home to a lot of businesses considering its proximity to the Miami International Airport and the Port of Miami. In addition, for education, the city has one of the top tier universities in the country, The University of Miami.

Some of the famous visiting spots in Coral Gables, Florida are: Biltmore Hotel, for its medieval structure and history.

Venetian Pool, a freshwater swimming pool carved from 4 acres of the coral rock quarry.

Lowe Art Museum, home to many antiquities and exhibitions from all over the world.

Miracle Mile, half a mile off Coral Way in the business district of the city comprising of shops and restaurants.

Coral Gables Florida

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In the end, Coral Gables is an ideal place to live owing to the opportunities and advantages that the city provides. In conclusion, contact for services and support if you are looking to move to The City Beautiful, Coral Gables Florida.

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Real Estate in Coral Gables: About The Area

Coral Gables is close to the Downtown Miami area and a short drive to Miami Beach. It's one of South Florida's oldest cities, boasting unique 1920s architectural styles. A lot of the real estate is rather historic, with various stately homes.

In total, there are 19 preschools, 18 elementary, 9 middle, 6 high, 8 public districts, 1 public charter, and 20 private schools in the area. Various education options are available for children of all ages, making this a popular destination for families.

Coral Gables Florida

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