Delray Beach Florida

Delray Beach, Florida is a hidden village by the sea, or at least it used to be. It is now no longer hidden but still a treasure that has been found. Located in the southern part of Palm Beach County and was settled in 1884 while being incorporated in 1911. The area was known for growing pineapples and other fruits and vegetables.

Downtown Delray Beach is an expanding central business district that plays host to the ATP World Tour 250 series with the Delray Beach Open. Several prestigious tournaments have been hosted at the Delray Beach Tennis Center. Walking down Atlantic Boulevard, you will notice this street separates the north and south side of the downtown area. Local restaurants always seem to be the joy of town. From southern style atmospheres where homes are now restaurants to a low key Miami Beach vibe, you have an array of choices. Enjoy the bars and clubs that locals come to after a long day at the beach soaking in the sun. 

Heading east on Atlantic Blvd, you will come across one of the best beaches in the nation. You can scuba dive and snorkel near the Delray Wreck, a downed ship from the early 1900’s where fish and coral call home. Down A1A, North Ocean Blvd, there are luxurious beach homes where a few famous actors have been known to live. To the north of Delray Beach, Florida is Boynton Beach. Both are located in Palm Beach County and both have access to -95 and the Florida Turn Pike.

Delray Beach Florida

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Delray Beach FL

Downtown Delray Beach