Franklin County

Franklin County, founded in 1832 is a U.S county, situated in the Florida panhandle, and along the Gulf of Mexico. Covering an area of 1,026 square miles, Franklin County has an estimated population of 12,125, placing it in the list of least populated counties across Florida. Historically, Franklin County was home to Native Americans, who lived in the region for a span of 12,000 years. During this time, coastal trade took place between natives and migrants in large volumes, due to an abundance of seafood and sea-based commodities in the area. Franklin County also held immense significance to the U.S Army during World War II, with the establishment of bases for jungle training and movement.

Tourist spots in Franklin County are not limited to one place. Travelers all over the world can make their way to St. George Island and Lighthouse. The St. George Lighthouse has an attached museum that tourists can visit to relive local cultural history. The Veterans Memorial Plaza is located in the county seat of Franklin County called Apalachicola. This memorial was created in memory of the soldiers that lost their lives during the Vietnam War. Among other places to visit, the Bald Point State Park never fails to amaze with its stunning beachside view, outdoor fun, and eagle conservation area.

Franklin County

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Franklin County, Florida