Glades County

Extending over an area of 987 square miles, Glades County is a U.S county, situated in the Southern region of Florida in the U.S. With a population of 13,811, Glades was initially founded and given its name in 1921 from DeSoto County. Despite the county being adorned with prairie and different pinelands, the name Glades was derived mainly from the Florida Everglades in Southern Florida. Traditionally, Glades has been a major tourist attraction for its rich heritage and historical sites. In the 18th century, the area was under Spanish influence, where native Americans and other Creek tribes settled in the area over time. The history of this diversely cultivated county is still celebrated and preserved in museums to this day and age.

Glades County is widely famous for the Chalo Nitka festival that celebrates the culture and history of the county. The area is also well known for its alligator and crocodile farm, known as Gatorama, which hosts a rich diversity of reptiles and other wildlife. Among other places to visit, The Fisheating Creek is a must-visit tourist destination in Glades, providing various adventurous activities to take part in with families.

Glades County

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Glades County, Florida