Lafayette County

Founded in December 1853, Lafayette County is a U.S county that is located towards the north center of Florida. Lafayette County was initially a part of Madison County and is named in honor of Marquis de Lafayette, A French General who was a valuable asset in the American Revolutionary War to the Continental Army. In 1923, Dixie County was formed from the lower region of Lafayette County. Lafayette County has its main county seat in Mayo, which is also the largest town in Lafayette County. There are 6 other unincorporated communities and one census-designated place known as Day, which is a part of Lafayette. Out of the unincorporated communities, Alton is the only widely recognized community. According to a population estimate in 2019, the total population of Lafayette County is 8,422 people.

Despite bearing a small location, Lafayette County offers plenty of fun, entertainment, and sights to see for its locals and visitors. Tourists can explore the Telford Spring, a beautiful natural spring with access to clean water, and a stunning location to explore, The Convict Spring, an ideal location for families and adults to camp and explore nature. Peacock Slough, a stunning riverside resort that provides camping and boating opportunities. The Hal W. Adams Bridge, a historical bridge built in 1947 that provides history lovers and local visitors a great sight to see and explore.

Lafayette County

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Lafayette County, Florida