Orlando Florida

Orlando Florida was originally called Jernigan, named after Aaron and Issac Jernigan. The city was incorporated on February 4, 1885 and is one of the top 25 largest metropolitan areas in the USA.

In 1965 Disney World called Orlando its new home, and ever since Central Florida’s growth has spiked. Orlando, Florida is one of the most visited cities in the world, as the theme park and entertainment capital such as Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld and LegoLand. Central Florida is easy access to other cities throughout the state as Miami, Tampa and West Palm Beach is a short drive. Thus allowing Orlando to be an ideal location and leader for convention centers. Orlando is also home to the largest university in the nation, University of Central Florida. UCF also known as the UCF Golden Knights. UCF is known as a top 50 university.

Second homes tend to be popular in Orlando, as it can be a vacation in itself just living in the capital of theme parks, after all it is nicknamed the City Beautiful. Downtown Orlando, Florida is near Winter Park. Downtown has a popular street called Church Street that is popular for night clubs. International Drive is also a popular street to sight see and is a short distance to CityWalk by Universal Studios. International Drive is where The Mall at Millenia is located.

Orlando Florida

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Orlando is one of the most famous cities in the country. It offers beautiful weather, opportunities for outdoor pursuits, and world-famous theme parks.

Real Estate Orlando: Why Buy In The Area

Since 1995, the population of Orlando has increased substantially from 1.1 million to 1.8 million, putting demand pressure on the existing housing stock. People are attracted to the area because of its high “livability” score according to our sources. The city offers both job opportunities and affordability, making it a great place to live and work.

Orlando is well-known for its leisure amenities and amusement parks. It is close to both Walt Disney World and Universal. While these are popular among tourists, many residents buy season passes so that they can enjoy the parks year-round.

Orlando is home to a range of unique bars and breweries. Many establishments date all the way back to the 1920s, offering some history too. Orlando’s food scene, for instance, is a big draw. It offers Hispanic, Italian, Asian and Puerto Rican restaurants for practically any palate. What’s more, many establishments cater to special dietary requirements, including keto and vegan.

For nature lovers, Orlando offers some perks too. While the city itself has many high-rises, the surrounding area features plenty of greenery and nature reserves. It’s easy to spend an entire day outdoors in this area, enjoying the famed Florida sunshine. Orlando is less than an hours’ drive from Blue Springs, Rock Springs and Wekiwa Springs. It’s a great place for residents looking to take a dip in cool water.

Finally, Orlando has a thriving tech scene. This is attracting high-income buyers to the area, leading to further provision of amenities that they want. Keep in mind though, you can strategize your payment via an amortization calculator to help you with your goal.

Orlando Florida

Real Estate Orlando: Neighborhoods

Orlando offers a range of neighborhoods with different characteristics. Popular locations include Downtown, Thornton Park, Park Lake, Delaney Park, Uptown, Rowena Gardens, and Coytown. Each offers its own unique appeal.

Thornton Park, for instance, is a community located in Orange County. It offers good schools and plenty of coffee shops, parks, bars and restaurants.

Audubon Park is celebrated for its quality housing, environment and, again, good schools.

Coytown is another great place that residents regularly consider. It offers an urban-suburban mixed feel and plenty of amenities.

You might also consider Rose Isle. It sits on a strip of land surrounded by Lake Sue and Lake Rowena and is close to Lake Estelle Park.

Delaney Park is another neighborhood in Orange County giving residents a dense suburban feel. It offers many coffee shops, parks, restaurants and bars. Public schools near Delaney Park include Delaney Elementary, Boone High, and Blankner Elementary.

Winter Park is known for its art culture. It offers a range of chain stores and restaurants close to Park Avenue. It also offers independent bookshops and other smaller boutique stores.

Lake Nona is popular because it offers a large amount of open green space. It offers a combination of suburban living areas, parkland, golf courses and sports fields, plus a large lake. Residents move to the areas for its outdoor activity opportunities, including sports.

Finally, Sanford is an outer-Orlando area close to the point where the St. Johns River connects with Lake Monroe. The neighborhood provides areas to dock boats in the Monroe Harbour Marina. And along the coast, there are purpose-built sidewalks for both cycling and pedestrians.

Real Estate Orlando: Properties

Orlando also boasts a wide variety of properties. The city offers many townhouses. Townhomes can feel like they are half-way between condos and regular detached homes. But instead of being attached to other units in a high rise, typically such as in a condo, townhouses are side by side and typically are 2-3 floors high. It really depends on how the deed is, as it defines the profile of the parcel.

Orlando also provides many condos - as do most other major Florida cities. You can find these in areas such as East Orlando, Celebration, South Eola District, Baldwin Park and Lake Nona. The city is also about 1 ½ hours east of Citrus County, a popular place for scuba diving.

There are also many mixed-use buildings in Orlando. These are helpful for people who want all their amenities to be close by. Detached homes tend to dominate the suburbs as you move further from the center of the city.