Pinecrest Florida

Pinecrest, Florida is an urban village located in Florida’s Miami Dade county. Pinecrest is one of the members of the Five-member Village Council. The zip code of this area, 33156, is considered to be one of the most expensive zip codes in the United States. The population of this area is estimated to be around 19,155 people.

Though Pinecrest is not a city but a village, it has a lot of attraction spots for its residents and visitors. Pinecrest Gardens is one such spot of attraction. The garden is engulfed with multiple shaded passages and a natural environment. To entertain an audience of children, there is a zoo within the garden for kids of all ages. What most amazes visitors about this garden is a fusion of the natural and man-made world.

Matheson Hammock Park is another spot worth visiting in Pinecrest. The area covers about 600 acres of land and is an example of tucking nature into urban life. The vast grounds in this park are best for fitness and exercise. There are several trails and pathways within the park as well, and a wonderful beach. There is a sizable boat launch in the park that can easily accommodate powerboats.

Pinecrest Florida

Planning to settle in Pinecrest, Florida?

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