Seminole County

Seminole County was founded in 1913, and is situated between Orange County and the Volusia County of Florida in the United States. The county was among several others to split from Orange County in the early 20th Century and was named as a separate county in 1913. Seminole extends over a geography of 345 square miles, making it Florida’s third smallest county. As of an estimate in 2019, the total population of Seminole County is 471,000 people.

Seminole County is renowned for its natural scenery, wildlife preserves, and beautiful tourist attractions that provide fun and entertainment throughout the year. Seminole County not only provides state-of-the-art facilities and modern extra-curricular activities to its residents and tourists but also provides an ideal climate and suitable temperatures all year round.

Among many recreational activities to do and places to visit, the Valiant Air Command Aviation Museum is certainly worth visiting. The museum offers a stunning display of historical aircraft that catch the eye. Apart from its rich heritage, The Boggy Creek Airboat Tour tops the list for the best recreational activities in Seminole County, that will keep you entertained throughout your visit to Seminole County.

Seminole County

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