St. Johns County Florida

St. Johns County is a U.S county that is situated in the North-Eastern region of Florida. It was founded in July 1821 and is named after San Juan del Puerto, a Spanish Franciscan mission in 1587. Historically, St. Johns has been home to European settlement, as well as Native Americans who inhabited the area for many years. St. Johns has its county seat in St. Augustine, which is also the largest city in St. Johns. According to a population estimate in 2019, the total population of St. Johns is about 264,672 people.

Known for its local culture and heritage, St. Johns County is home to various historical sites, museums, and monuments. Some popular places to visit in St. Johns include the Lightner Museum, a museum in St. Augustine that features antiques dating back to the early 19th century. The Anastasia State Park, a beautiful tourist resort with boat rides, beaches, and trails for hiking and camping. The Fort Matanzas National Monument, a Spanish stone fort that was built in the 18th century, and serves as a fascination for local history explorers, and the Saint George Street, a historic street with traditional relics and cultural points of interest.If you are fond of history and love to explore different cultures, then St. Johns has a whole lot to offer for you. The county is home to many historic sites, museums, and landmarks for locals to explore.

St. Johns County Florida

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St. Johns County, Florida