Suwannee County

Suwannee County is a U.S area that is located towards the North Central region of Florida and was founded in 1858. Suwannee was named after the Suwannee River, a local river that flows through most of the Northern, southern, and western regions of the area. Suwannee has its county seat in Live Oak, a city located just east of Tallahassee, and the largest incorporated city in Suwannee is also Live Oak. Suwannee extends over a total geographical area of 692 square miles, out of which only 3.7 square miles is water, and the total population of Suwannee was estimated to be 44,417 in 2019.

Known for its freshwater springs and state parks, popular points of interest in Suwannee County include the Ichetucknee Springs, a popular tourist destination that features crystal-clear water from springs, and is also open for outdoor activities such as swimming and boating. The Little River Springs, another frequently visited spring that features scuba diving, swimming, and a beautiful garden in its vicinity. The Suwannee Springs, a freshwater spring for tourists to explore, and the Rees Lake, a highly rated tourist destination that features a lake resort, ideal for fishing and hunting.

Suwannee County

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Suwannee County, Florida