How Is Crypto Mined

Crypto relies upon a method of mining, but how is crypto mined?

All of the transactions made using cryptocurrencies are stored on a public ledger called a blockchain, or a mutual distributed ledger. Each transaction is stored as a block of information and whenever a new transaction is made, it needs to be verified. Nobody is 'in charge' of the blockchain and it is completely decentralized, so transactions are verified by other users on the blockchain.

In order to verify a transaction, a series of complicated mathematical equations must be solved by a computer. This process is known as mining and once a user has verified a transaction, they are awarded with a new crypto. Once they have this coin, they can either hold on to it, sell it on, or use it to make a purchase, so it becomes part of the cryptocurrency economy.

Hugely powerful computers are needed to mine for cryptography and specialized software is used to solve the complex equations. These computers use a huge amount of processing power, so they can get very hot and need to be cooled down with fans or they could overheat. Most crypto mining is conducted by large operations and people can invest money to get a piece of the mined cryptocurrency.

How Is Crypto Mined

Unfortunately, mining crypto on your own personal computer will take an incredibly long time, so you will have to purchase it if you want to start investing or using it to buy goods and services.

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