Lake County

Situated in the Central region of Florida, Lake County is a U.S county that was founded in May 1887. It was originally a part of the Orange and Sumter Counties and was formed as an independent country from different portions of both counties in 1887. Lake County is named after the abundance of lakes in its location. About 250 lakes and more than 1700 water bodies are present within the area alone. This area has its county seat is Tavares, and the largest city in this community is Clermont. In 2019, the estimated population was recorded at 367,118 people.

With its abundance of lakes and water bodies, there’s no surprise that Lake County would be home to many lakeside resorts, fishing points, and natural preserves. Among the top places to visit, Louisa State Park is worth mentioning. The park features a beautiful view of the lake, as well as beautiful natural scenery, and the opportunity to camp, go horseback riding, and hiking. Another popular resort is Dora, which provides tourists with plenty of outdoor activities such as skiing, tubing, surfing, swimming, and diving. Apart from its lake resorts, the county also has many antique shops, golf clubs, and museums to keep visitors enthralled.

Lake County

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Lake County, Florida