Pinewood Florida

Pinewood is a census-designated area that is located along Florida’s Atlantic Coast and Miami-Dade County. Pinewood was initially part of Miami City and was annexed into the city in 1925. The effects of the Great Depression were catastrophic in the region, inevitably causing the city of Miami to give up Pinewood’s jurisdiction.

Thus, Pinewood today exists as an unincorporated community that is home to a population of 16,520 residents. According to the U.S Census Bureau, there are a total of 5,029 households in Pinewood that cover a total geographical area of 1.9 square miles.

Pinewood is a beautiful community with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Coast. It has everything you could ask for, from palm tree-lined streets, famous restaurants to comfortable local businesses. If you are looking for places to explore in Pinewood, there are a plethora of places to visit due to its proximity to Miami.

Notable sights to explore in Pinewood include Amelia Earhart Park, a beautiful nearby park that is widely known for its pony rides and petting zoo. Biscayne Boulevard, a stunning palm-lined strip with an array of restaurants, cafés, and motels. Miami Watersports Complex, the perfect outdoor resort for water sports and wakeboarding, and the Biscayne Aquatic Preserve, a natural preservation area for crocodiles and manatees.

Pinewood Florida

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