Brownsville Florida

Situated in Miami’s Metropolitan Area and Miami-Dade County, Brownsville is a CDP that has a total population of 15,313 residents. Also known as ‘Brown Sub’ as its nickname, Brownsville was initially a community with a very small population. For over 40 years, Brownsville was inhabited by very few people until 2010, when the census area witnessed a population boom. Today, Brownsville prides itself as a Southern Florida community that spans over a total area of 5.9 square kilometers.

Brownsville is a flourishing city that offers all the modern comforts of life but maintains a distinctive personality and local culture. With plenty of recreational activities and family-friendly attractions, making the most of your day is easy. You can also enjoy sunbathing in beaches and outdoor resorts in the Miami area, which are only a few miles away.

Popular places to explore near Brownsville include Historic Hampton House, a local relic and museum that hosts a rich art gallery and various sculptures. Amelia Earhart Park, a famous park renowned for its horse-riding and petting zoo, and Biscayne Boulevard, a popular city center known for its vintage motels and shopping centers.

Brownsville Florida

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Brownsville is a small metro area outside of Miami. It’s perfect for enjoying nature and its rich history. The census area is also a hub for business and leisure, filled with fun things to do for families of all interests.

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Brownsville Florida

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