Broward County

Situated towards the South-East of Florida in the U.S, Broward County is a county that was founded in 1915. The area has a long heritage of Native Americans, who were settled in the area for over 12,000 years. The native population gradually blended in with European visitors and explorers who also formed an important part of the local population. At the time, Southern Palm Beach and Miami-Dade County were also a part of Broward but later split from Broward as a result of the U.S Territorial Act. Today, Broward is the second most populated county across Florida, with 24 incorporated cities under its region. The total population of Broward is 1.9 million, as estimated in the year 2019.

Broward County is primarily home to Fort Lauderdale, which is referred to as the county seat of Broward. Widely known for its beaches, golf courses, and natural parks, Broward is a beautiful place to visit and settle in on a long-term basis. Some famous tourist destinations in Broward include Coconut Creek, Plantation, Hollywood Beach, and Coral Springs. You can also head down to Cooper City for a diverse range of country golf clubs, shopping areas, family parks, and wildlife preserves.

Broward County

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