Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade County was founded in 1836 and is located towards the Southeastern region of Florida. Historically, Native Americans have lived in Miami-Dade County for decades, while the county was also home to Spanish and French explorers in the 19th century. Miami-Dade County was founded in the mid-19th Century under the U.S Territorial Act, which incorporated various regions in the United States. The total population of Miami-Dade is 2.7 million people, recorded in the year 2019.

Miami-Dade County is not only the most populated county in Florida but is also one of the more popular locations across the United States as a whole. The county is home to the metropolitan city of Miami, a city that speaks for itself as a popular tourist destination. The University of Miami, also situated within the county is a reputable university with global recognition, best known for its scholarship programs and sports facilities.

Miami-Dade County is also home to some of the best water ski-parks, spa resorts, entertainment centers, and golf courses, which are a signature identity of the county. Notable tourist destinations include the Vizcaya Museum, Bayside Marketplace, and Jungle Island. Also among the list are the Miami Zoo, Perez Art Museum, and Ocean Drive, which provide loads of entertainment to visitors and tourists all year round.

Miami-Dade County

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Miami-Dade County, Florida